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Village Voice Bringing 'Choice Eats' to New York City March 19

Village Voice Bringing 'Choice Eats' to New York City March 19

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For the past five years, the Village Voice has taken over the armory on Lexington Avenue in New York’s Upper East Side and converted it, for one night only, into the city’s top dining destination. The stops are pulled out, hungry gourmands pile in, and the cavernous space becomes a gastronomic wonderland: The Village Voice Choice Eats Festival.

This year’s gathering, which will be taking place March 19, appears primed to be one for the ages, with more than 50 restaurants, hand-picked by Village Voice food critics Robert Sietsema and Tejal Rao, participating. The list is too long to reproduce here, but it includes restaurants from all over the city, focusing on an incredibly wide variety of food. Everything from Allswell, David’s Brisket House, and The Kati Roll Company to Littleneck, Peppa’s Jerk Chicken, and Nom Wah Tea Parlor will be represented, along with just about every variety of food in between.

As opposed to other citywide food festivals, which either focus on one specific type of food (barbecue, for example) or only highlight top restaurants, this one is incredibly democratic in that the organizers purposefully seek out the "hidden gems" of the city and bring them to the forefront. Styles of food will include Vietnamese, Italian, Uzbekistani, Brazilian, Cambodian, Russian, Tunisian, and Cajun/Creole, and all the food will be paired with complimentary beer, wine, and cocktails.

Tickets are sold out, but stay tuned for a full Daily Meal recap!

“A” is also for ABC Kitchen. Attached to the famous retail store for fine and exotic goods, is this American contemporary restaurant. Using locally sourced organic ingredients, the food served here has an earthy quality that makes one feel that they’re not only eating something delicious but good for them. Its rustically modern design is aesthetically pleasing and makes for a comfortable eating experience.

“A” is also for Artichoke Pizza. New York is a tough pizza town. There are plenty of good pizza joints, but for we locals, we like places like Artichoke. The choices fit on one blackboard, they accept cash only, and the slices are big and tasty. If you like a pizza that is crisp and yet saucy, this is where you need to go.

The original 2nd Avenue location closed down a few years ago due to a fire. Luckily for us, they opened a newer and nicer location across the street without losing the integrity of the former pizza they used to serve. Since then, there has been a following, mostly local, so they opened up a few more locations smattered around the city and its outer boroughs.

The pepperoni is king, and if you have room to try another slice, get the crab (our favorite)

R.I.P. – Jeanne-Claude (1935-2009)

“ Jeanne-Claude, who collaborated with her husband, Christo , on dozens of environmental arts projects, notably the wrapping of the Pont Neuf in Paris and the Reichstag in Berlin, and the installation of 7,503 vinyl gates with saffron-colored nylon panels in Central Park, died Thursday in Manhattan, where she lived. She was 74.

“The cause was complications of a brain aneurysm, her family told The Associated Press.

“ Jeanne-Claude met her husband, Christo Javacheff , in Paris in 1958. At the time, Christo, a Bulgarian refugee, was already wrapping small objects. Three years later, they collaborated on their first work, a temporary installation on the Cologne docks that consisted of oil drums and rolls of industrial paper wrapped in tarpaulin.

“To avoid confusing dealers and the public, and to establish an artistic brand, they used only Christo’s name. In 1994 they retroactively applied the joint name ‘Christo and Jeanne-Claude’ to all outdoor works and large-scale temporary indoor installations. Indoor work was credited to Christo alone.” (cont’d @ NY Times )


Go for: Solo meals, a quiet spot, raw dishes, or if you want to BYOB.

The vibe is: A mini, peaceful, zen-filled haven. I cozy up in the window and watch the world go by.

Order: Insane butternut squash soup, scallion cream cheese rolls, pesto pizzette and coconut curry quinoa pilaf. The salads are also great. Dishes are small, so mix and match. Get raw chocolate lava cake for dessert.

NYC Food Guy’s Cheap Eats: Hale & Hearty’s $4.69 Large Salad

No more getting ripped off for a make-your-own salad at the “we have it all” deli because for $4.69 you can get a large Romaine or Mixed Green salad with 4 free toppings (shredded carrots, sliced cucumbers, sliced red onion, and crispy croutons) at Hale & Hearty.

Select the dressing of your choice (NYC Food Guy recommends Hale & Hearty Vinaigrette) and choose between a hearty piece of sourdough or multi-grain bread and you’re in business. The salad makers are usually pretty good about giving you a little extra, toppings or bread, free of charge. So get over there and eat cheap, there’s 19 locations in Manhattan alone.

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21 Responses to “NYC Food Guy’s Cheap Eats: Hale & Hearty’s $4.69 Large Salad”

You have to pay extra if you want tomatoes in your salad? Is that right?

That is correct. .55 extra for tomato. I say buy a tomato for the same price at the fruit store and you’ll be happier in the end. They chop their tomatoes coarsely. Their chicken is weak too. It’s definitely not worth the extra dollar. If you bring some grilled chicken from home or pick some up at the deli and add it yourself, you’ll be in much better shape.

I don’t eat salad, so I was just curious. But I noticed some local delis have been trying to charge extra for a slice of translucent tomato on a turkey sandwich. Smiler’s and Cranberry – I’m looking at yous!
Inflation – it’s a real sonofabitch.

of course!! i should’ve changed it earlier!! my baddd
thanx for reading my blog! i’m waiting for some more badass burgers/sandwiches loaded with high cholesterol/sodium and high-everything else :).

Stay Tuned because that stuff is on the way in the form of some serious heart-stopping deliciousness! Thanks for changing the link.

why on earth would you touch rabbit food? I am deeply repulse and offended. I saw bring on the MAYO and fried oreo.

salad? SALAD. Unless its the greatest salad in the entire worlllldd, why are you posting SALAD on here.

I posted a salad because sometimes, even NYC Food Guy needs to give his arteries a break, and if I’m going to do that, I’m not going to pay big for it. This salad is cheap and delicious. You can’t go wrong.

Hey, Hey. Thats not true. Eating crap all the time is not entirly bad…just look at japanese female food competitor “Gal SONE”..the gir is 95lbs and can eat 40,000 calories in one sitting.

Just cause you don’t see it on the outside doesn’t mean things are in bad shape on the inside. Regardless, I’m feeling a little grease withdrawal myself so maybe it’s time for something delicious to be the newest post.

I’ll let you choose Celestial, what’s it going to be?

A Burger Battle?
A BBQ Battle?
A Drunken Noodles Battle?

Oh you heard it right. It’s going to have to go down.

There are a few delis around town that will make a salad with ALL the toppings you want (including grilled/breaded chicken, tuna, turkey chunks, mozzarella balls, feta cubes, tomato, snow peas, artichokes, whatever!) for a fixed price of $7. You can seriously get a 3-pound salad at these places–much better deal than the exorbitant-price-per-puny-add-in salad shops. H&H, Chopt, Europa, etc. – meh.

That’s awesome. Which places?

At the risk of creating a mob scene, the Bistro 49 on 49th near Park has AYCA salads for $7. There’s another place not too far from there but I forget the name. I think it’s on 46th. The Bistro’s other foods are also good (udon, mongolian bbq, etc.)

I too look forward to a drunken noodle battle!

Ha, I can understand your reluctance but I’ll head over and check it out one of these days and see how it compares to Hale and Hearty.

Well if you want the Drunken Noodle Battle, you got it. Stay tuned!

[…] Hale & Hearty $4.69 Large Salad […]

The tough thing with most places that do salad with mix-ins is that each ingredient bumps up the price. I think that is the case with PAX and Cafe Metro locations. The one that offer “up to” free mix-ins are good, but the additional ones can really bump up the price tag. I’ll have to check out the Hale & Hearty soon.

My favorite place is Cafe University on the corner of Waverly Place and University Place in the Village. It’s diagonally across from the northeast corner of Washington Square Park. the salad (big bowl, I think) is $5.95 with 4 free mix-ins. I usually get the mixed greens with grilled cajun chicken, roatsed red peppers (an item that usually costs you about $.75 elsewhere), raisins and walnuts. I top it off with a soy-ginger dressing. Big salad and very filling. I gotta go with the NYCFoodGuy in saying that sometimes the ship known as billyboy needs to be righted every so often. If I get there and say “F this salad bizness!”, I can always walk next door to the Weinstein Dining Hall at NYU and get a couple of chicken sandwiches from the Chik-Fil-A that is in there. Yeah, that’s right, baby!! One caveat though, I think they are closed for the until most of the students return in the fall.

Can you include meat? How much more for a meat topping?

How times have changed since 2008. H&H salad with 5 toppings (5 toppings is now the cheap point, cheaper than 4) is now $10.25 before tax, over $11 after tax.

Gaze at Grand Central Terminal

It's hard to believe that this magnificent structure was once threatened with demolition in the 1970s. Meet in front of the information booth in the magnificent Main Concourse and gaze up at the restored Zodiac Ceiling or sip cocktails at the Campbell Bar, once the opulent offices of financier John W. Campbell, then head to the lower level of the station to the Whispering Gallery to share a secret.

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The official I LOVE NY Travel Guide isਊvailable here. Download it now to find inspiration for your next trip to New York State, from world-class beaches and਎xciting outdoor adventures to delicious restaurants and cozy hotel getaways. The digital guide is easy to use just click on a category and explore all that New York State has to offer. Below, you&aposll also find a digital version of our Winter Guide to New York, with all the exciting winter adventures to consider around the state. For information focused exclusively on New York City, visit NYCgo&aposs Official Guide for everything you&aposd need to plan a trip. Plus, sign up below for I LOVE NY&aposs newsletters, with fresh travel ideas, fall foliage reports, can&apost-miss events, and more! When visiting New York, remember to keep six feet apart from others not in your party and wear a mask or face covering. Be advised that New York has a travel advisory in effect, which requiresਊnyone traveling from certain states to quarantine for 14 days upon entering New York State. Travelers may undergo COVID testing to test out. For more details, see the guidelines for the travel advisory here.

I LOVE NY Travel Guide

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Here is everything you need to plan a winter adventure in New York! more

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These erotic books are hotter and much better written than the E.L. James S&M trilogy—save Fifty Shades of Grey for your mother.

By Michele Filgate Tue Sep 4 2012

Erotic books by E.L. James: You, your friends, your mother and most strangers on the sidewalk or the subway know not only the name and reputation of the S&M trilogy which begins with Fifty Shades of Grey, but likely more than a few intimate details about the story. As happy as we are that people are reading, the truth is that this so-called mommy-porn tale is nothing more than a slightly naughty, poorly written melodrama. The following ten erotic books are alternatives we at TONY find riskier, sexier and simply better written than E.L. James’s feminist-baiting juvenilia.

Kafka Was the Rage by Anatole Broyard

In this slim volume, New York Times book critic Broyard details what it was to be an artist in Greenwich Village in the 1940s. Between opening a bookstore and attending the New School, Broyard discovers what sex can be with an artist named Sheri Martinelli, a protégée of Anaïs Nin: “She made love the way she talked—by breaking down the grammar and the rhythms of sex. Young men tend to make love monotonously, but Sheri took my monotony and developed variations on it, as if she were composing a fugue.” There’s also lots of rewarding talk about underpants.

Vox by Nicholson Baker

This master of minutiae—he once wrote an entire novel set on an escalator—is also well known for his erotic tales. This is the book Monica Lewinsky famously gifted to Bill Clinton—and it’s no wonder she did. The entire book is a steamy conversation between two strangers, who talk about all of their sexual fantasies. In one memorable passage, Baker goes so far as to evoke the carnal noise pasta makes when you stir it with olive oil.

Trouble by Kate Christensen

For an erotic novel that’s both entertaining and impressively crafted, pick up this book by award-winning novelist Kate Christensen, who paints vivid pictures of contemporary society. The two romantically unsuccessful friends in Trouble take a vacation to Mexico City—where they aim to escape their midlife crises and rediscover their youth. As with all of her titles, Christensen proves herself a poet of the senses by making her descriptions of food just as tantalizing as the sexy encounters.

The Joy of Sex by Alex Comfort, M.B., Ph.D.

Okay, so you don’t read this book as much as sneak a look at the scandalous pictures—especially when you’re 12 years old and staying at a friend’s house, and notice said friend’s parents’ copy on their bookshelf. If a picture is worth a thousand words, we’d say just one of this book’s evocative illustrations—e.g., the oral encounter Comfort identifies as “mouth music”—is definitely worth more than several thousand words from the James’s pen.

The Passion by Jeanette Winterson

What’s sexier than a red-haired cross-dresser who can walk on water? In Jeanette Winterson’s The Passion, Villanelle loses her heart to a noblewoman with whom she is in love. Part historical fiction (set during the Napoleonic Wars) and part magical realism, this fairy-tale-infused novel is rich with beautiful sentences. Winterson locates passion somewhere in the nexus of fear and sex—what’s more of a turn-on than that?

How Should a Person Be by Sheila Heti

When a friend of mine made a cross-stitch inspired by this book (with the words “I’ll be giving blow jobs in Heaven”), I knew I had to read it. In this “Novel from Life,” Heti records conversations with artistic friends, in an attempt to get at the essence of who she really is. But there are plenty of wonderfully racy scenes in which she describes sex with a total creep (who happens to be good in bed): “I don’t know why all of you are reading books when you could be getting reamed by Israel, spat on, beaten up against the headboard—with every jab, your head battered into the headboard. Why are you all reading? I don’t understand this reading business when there is so much fucking to be done.”

The Poetry of Pablo Neruda edited by Ilan Stavans

Poetry is romantic, yes, but many verses composed by this Chilean master and Nobel Prize winner are also undeniably sexy. Feel the yearning in just one representative poem, “Love,” as translated by Ilan Stavans: “Woman, I would have been your child, to drink / The milk of your breasts as from a well.” Put that alongside the line about Christian Grey’s “oh-so-happy trail” and tell us which makes you weaker in the knees.

Outlander by Diana Gabaldon

An ex–combat nurse named Claire reunites with her husband (a soldier) at the end of World War II, in the first sci-fi adventure-romance novel of the Outlander series. Soon after, she is transported back in time and falls in love with Jamie, a handsome Scottish warrior. There’s lots of sex on rudimentary mattresses—plus men wearing kilts! And good news: It was recently announced that Ronald D. Moore (of Battlestar Galactica) is adapting the series for television.

Legs Get Led Astray by Chloe Caldwell

Essayist Chloe Caldwell’s collection of biting and honest essays can stand up to Fifty Shades for one essay alone, in which Caldwell talks about masturbating. Everyone does it, but Caldwell writes about it with an unparalleled humor and intelligence: “A great way to have an explosive orgasm is to turn the sound down on the porn video, and put on a song that gets you off. Blast it while you watch your porn of choice. BAM!”

Inferno (a poet’s novel) by Eileen Myles

For fans of Patti Smith and raw, poetic writing, this iconic New York writer fills her Dante-influenced “poet’s novel” with her distinctive personality. It so happens that her personality is an incredibly sexual one: “There’s a moment in a woman’s life when she discovers she can have sex with as many people as she wants. Suddenly everyone is a potential partner. That’s when men get in the act which is why lesbianism isn’t really a thing it’s just this unbridled lust. It’s like god. If writers are the only people, I mean the last ones who have lives, lesbians are the only people who have sex.”

New York City High Schools to Reopen March 22

Lee Hawkins

New York City public high schools will reopen March 22 for some in-person learning, after being closed for more than two months, and in some cases longer, because of Covid-19 restrictions.

About 55,000 students and 17,000 school staff are expected to return to 488 high schools, the city’s Department of Education said Monday morning. In total, there are 282,000 high-school students in the DOE’s system. Under the plan, about half of high schools will be able to serve “all or most” of their students five days a week, and the number will continue to increase in the coming weeks, the agency said. High-school staff will return to buildings on March 18 and 19 to prepare for the reopening.

Additionally, the DOE’s sports program, the Public Schools Athletic League, will resume sports for both in-person and fully remote students, the agency said.

The reopening of high schools follows the resumption of some in-person instruction at middle schools on Feb. 25. The city’s Department of Education has set a goal of resuming full-time in-person instruction at all public schools in September, as thousands of staffers have been vaccinated and safety and testing plans have been formalized.

Calling the middle school reopening very successful, Mayor Bill de Blasio said he is pushing to bring even more students who are opting to remain in remote classes back before the end of the school year.

Bachelorette Party – Lucky Chengs

An evening at Lucky Chengs, the “Drag Capital of the World!”

With a group of 14 stunning ladies, we headed to the 10pm show for a large crowd of rowdy women and men in lace and sequins.

The show was very amusing consisting of various interactive stints rather than a performance. Beginning with providing volunteers with lap dances (including our bride-to-be) part of which involved the dancer’s head between my cousin’s thighs and her bum in my cousin’s face in a mini handstand that involved quite a bit of grinding. This was of course after the balloon man created a very large vagina hat, clitoris included, for my cousin.

The night continued with a prefix meal at $32 a piece of what I imagine was supposed to be Chinese or Asian Fusion cuisine. The food was horrendous. Though I still managed to eat my money’s worth. Go for the show, not the food.

The show continued with selecting one member from each table to compete in a contest which was not immediately described. Of course we all nominated the bride. Then a gentleman was chosen from the crowd. It was then revealed that the ladies had to compete for best lap dance. The guy chosen was very very lucky. After the first girl went, two chicks quickly ran back to their tables in hopes of escape. Luckily they succeeded and another girl was chosen along with a young man who resembled Harry Potter. The competition winners came down to my cousin and Harry. Harry put on a spectacular, sexual performance with stroking and all sorts of kinky stuff. He seemed so meek and innocent. His efforts paid off and he won.

After a belly dance of some sort, the show concluded and we parted for the evening. The night was great fun and a wonderful chance to spend some time with my cousin and meet her friends.

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