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Boo Berry™ "Cereal Milk" Ice Cream

Boo Berry™

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A riff on the new trend of making Ice Cream with the leftover milk from your favorite bowl of cereal, this version uses Boo-Berry™ cereal, Marshmallows and all!MORE+LESS-

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    Seperate the marshmallows from the cereal. Now set 1/4 of the cereal aside.

  • 2

    Add the larger amount of cereal to the cream and let soak 30 minutes.

  • 3

    Heat milk and sugar to almost boiling, you will notice it begin to bubble on the sides of the pan. Watch closely and don't let it boil over!

  • 4

    Start whisking the eggs, and pour the hot milk over them slowly while constantly whisking.

  • 5

    Cook this mixture slowly, constantly stirring until it thickens and coats the back of a spoon.

  • 6

    Pour warm milk yolk sugar mix onto the cream/cereal mix. Let this sit an hour or two while cooling in the fridge. When cold, strain mixture, add in marshmallows, and freeze in your ice cream machine!

  • 7

    Put this into your freezer to harden further.

  • 8

    Break the remaining cereal into small pieces and sprinkle over ice cream scoops before serving.

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More About This Recipe

  • A few months ago I was walking around in Manhattan and I stumbled across Momofuku Milk Bar, one of David Chang's restaurants.

    Unlike most of his places, you don't need a super exclusive reservation to go to milk bar, you just walk in and place your order. I looked around at the options, and despite the amazing looking candy bar pies and pork belly sliders, the thing that really caught my eye was cereal milk ice cream.

    I just kept staring at the name. Cereal milk... Does that mean the milk leftover when you are done eating cereal? I ordered it and quickly found out that the answer is yes. It tasted exactly like the milk at the bottom of your cereal bowl! I did some research and found out that they soak the milk in the cereal, and then strain it out to achieve that flavor. It was amazing and I kept thinking about it for weeks after I ate it.

    David, you had a great idea, genius even, but you made one huge mistake. You didn't make the cereal milk with Boo Berry! Everyone knows Boo Berry is the best cereal out there! This guy knows it for sure. Halloween is on the horizon and Boo Berry is going to be slightly more available in stores in the near future, so be sure to grab a box and make this delicious treat.

    Go check out the recipe for the Boo Berry "Cereal Milk" Ice Cream to get all the measurements, but use the images on this post as a guide.

    Boo Berry is the best! Way better than the other monsters, Count Chocula and Frankenberry.

    Pour the cereal into a large bowl.

    You need to split the marshmallows from the cereal.

    The cereal soaking in some heavy cream. It's like a huge bowl of the best cereal ever!

    After it soaks awhile, it gets really goopy. I think that is a technical food term right? Do they teach "goopy" at the CIA?

    Here I am pouring the creme anglaise (technical term for sugary eggy milk) into the cream and Boo Berry mixture. There are two non-pictured steps after this: 1. Strain the mixture and add the marshmallows. 2. Pour the mixture into your ice cream maker and follow manufacturer's instructions.

    You can see flecks of colored marshmallows. Yum!

    Some of the cereal is crumbled up and sprinkled on top of the ice cream.

    Smooth, creamy ice cream with the taste of cereal milk, small marshmallow bits, and crunchy cereal sprinkled on top! This recipe came out great; I hope you all make it!

    Dan Whalen is a blogger at The Food in my Beard; check Dan's Tablespoon profile often to try his recipes with creative international spins!

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I know this is a bit forward, but do you have any gluten-free recipes? my boyfriend’s mom can’t eat anything with wheat in it, and she has to watch her sugar and cholesterol intake, which makes preparing or buying food a big and expensive hassle for her, often requiring her to order recipes online, or cutting certain foods out of her diet altogether. Since you’re good at altering and modifying recipes, would you have any suggestions or recipes?

Thank you for your wonderful site!

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Try there. Good luck.

i have told you before, but everything you do is amazing… you are so you usually taste everything you eat? or do you just take the compliments? i am lucky if i have enough left to share with everyone because it is all so delicious!

all of your knitting and crocheting is amazing as well…really, you shoudl go on martha stewart!!

Wow. What a site.
Yummy site…
Now we will never be hungry again or ooopsss… may be we will be hungry again & again…hee hee…May God Bless you….
Your Indian Friends

I loooooove your blog! All your recipes really look very very very tasty and awesome! I’m going to bake some of your recipes.
Thank you for the best vegan recipes I’ve ever seen

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Heys Guys,
I made my first lemon pound cake from scratch for Thanksgiving, it was a total hit. My family is requesting that I make another for christmas.

Fabulous recipe index! Love how you phrased “…considerate to all of the creatures who might have suffered to make it otherwise” I <3 how you teach people about veganism through the work, effort ans taste, not just the lecture :-)

Your site is so wonderful. I have a daughter with extensive food allergies, and I felt like she was missing out on a lot of fun desserts until I discovered your site and your amazing recipes. Thanks!

Hannah… I can’t tell you how fabulous your site is! You have made vegan food look so tempting, fab, extravagant, rich and beautiful! I am glad I stumbled to you site. I will be back here again and again. Thanks again. Please keep posting :)

I learned this a couple of years ago from a local farmer—sweet potatoes are light-fleshed (yellow/white) and yams are orange. In the US the terms have become interchangeable but I’ve noticed at the local markets and farmer’s markets that they label orange tubers as ‘yams’ and the light fleshed ones a ‘sweet potatoes’ but in other places they are all ‘sweet potatoes’. There was something about the sugar content as well but I don’t remember which has the higher.

The link to the homemade magic shell recipe seems to be broken. Does anyone have it?

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You’re cupcakes are so pretty and unique, I love how creative they are! What kinds of tips do you use? Especially for the Iced Tea one’s you did for your dad, and these ones(:

Thank you! My favorite piping tip for cupcakes (and the one I used for the ice tea cupcakes) is a simple, large star tip. They’re available anywhere you can find pastry supplies, but in case you’re having trouble locating one, you can find them online too:

Hello Hannah
I am in the process of making your roast apricot with almond praline ice cream (it’s summer here in Australia!) and I have had a small issue with the praline. Never having caramelised sugar before, and since I used unrefined sugar it was already amber colour, I was unsure how much to reduce the water content. The upshot was, it set hard on the mat, it broke up intp pieces, I processed it but instead of paste I got powder! I added the oil and it more or less disappeared. Would you advise adding more oil, or more water to get the required runny peanut butter consistency for marbling into the ice cream?
By the way, i’m definitely going to visit your site again – our vegan family are always on the lookout for yummy things!
Thank you!

Hm, I can’t say this has happened to me before! There’s a chance that it would become more of a paste with a longer processing time, but I think you’re on the right track with a dab of oil. Water would just melt the sugar instead. I hope it turns out well and you enjoy it! :)

Thanks Hannah – am about to launch myself into yr Black gingerbread slices! The praline was just too stiff to ‘ripple’ in the ice cream so i just mixed it in – had to work it in really well or else there wd have been big lumps! – and it worked out pretty well!!

Hi Hannah! I love your recipes and the pictures are drool-worthy. I’m surely gonna try some of them soon. Hannah, I need a little help with my blog, if you don’t mind. I’ve started my own food blog here a few days back. I wanted to know how you created this wonderful page with the recipe index with all the clickable categories.. it looks so pretty. I thought I’d do the same with my blog. :) Thank you :)
and do visit my blog and give your feedback. It’s not much, but i’d love your comments and suggestions :) Thanks again.

Thank you so much. It’s pretty silly how simple my recipe index is primitive, almost. I simply decided on which categories I wanted to organize everything into, arranged the titles alphabetically, and linked to the individual pages. Every time I add a new recipe to my blog, I insert the new title and link in the appropriate space. To get the initial “page jumps” when you click on the categories up top, just follow this HTML convention:

Hope that helps! Happy blogging. :)

Oh, thank you thank you sooo much, Hannah. You are the sweetest! i’ll try this out now. :) Thank you! And your page is awesome! You are very creative! :)

Hi Hannah, your recipes look incredible – I can’t wait to try a couple this week (I’ve got my eye on the Chocolate Candy Cups and the Banana Pumpkin Spice Muffins!). I was actually led to your blog by a google search for ‘mint chocolate vegan desserts’, which took me to the page for your cookbook with that amazing pic of your mint choc macarons – but I can’t seem to find that recipe in the index above. Is it a recipe available in your book only? Otherwise, if you can point me in the right direction, it would be greatly appreciated!

A dessert-lover after my own heart! Mint and chocolate has got to be one of my favorite sweet combinations. The recipe for the mint chocolate macarons is only found in my cookbook Vegan Desserts. Hopefully that’s a good incentive to check it out. )

Thanks so much, I have just ordered your book (I’m in Australia so I used a local e-tailer). Can’t wait to get some of those macarons into my belly! :)

No, thank you for ordering! I hope you enjoy all of the recipes, but especially those macarons. Please feel free to get in touch if you have any other questions or comments. I’m more than happy to help. :)

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Boo Berry Cereal Treats #SundaySupper

I’m not much of a fan of Halloween. Sure, I like decorating the house a little and find myself unable to resist the festive cartoons that air on TV, even though I’ve seen them about a million times. But I don’t like being scared and I haven’t dressed up for Halloween since second grade. Seriously.

There is one thing I absolutely, positively love about Halloween: CANDY! I’ve already stocked up on Williams Sonoma’s amazing candy and I need to get my Jelly Belly order in soon. I also head to Target and drug stores to stock up. I’ve only hit Target so far this year and was unimpressed by the selection. It was all chocolate with a little candy corn. I don’t mind candy corn, but as you know, chocolate is not an option for me with my allergy. It was a pretty big bummer. Maybe more gummy candy will come in, and I definitely need to head to some other stores.

The trip wasn’t a total bust, though, because then I spotted Halloween cereals. In the blink of an eye my arms were filled with cereal boxes. Boo Berry (which I tried and loved last year), Frute Brute, and Fruity Yummy Mummy are now in my pantry calling my name. I didn’t pick up Franken Berry, but you know I’ll be making another trip for a box. These are old school cereals that had previously been discontinued but are now back for the season. I think this is a great idea and I love them. Seasonal treats are always so fun to stock up on. If there’s a shortage of Candy Corn Oreos, I’m probably to blame.

Like candy, I also have a thing for cereal. I don’t eat it all the time, but there are always at least five boxes of cereal in my pantry. Chex (mostly for those Puppy Chow cravings), Rice Krispies, Cap’n Crunch, Lucky Charms, Cheerios, and now these fun, fruity, marshmallow-y cereals have joined the assortment.

I wasn’t planning on baking with them, but then I saw that this week’s Sunday Supper theme was crunchy and I put two and two together. Enter Boo Berry Cereal Treats. These no bake treats are ooey, gooey, messy, but I think that makes them taste even better. The Boo Berry flavor shines through and they stay super crunchy. These easy to make treats are sure to be a Halloween hit!

Franken Berry, Boo Berry cereals back for Halloween

It may be hard to believe, but Halloween is just around the corner. To celebrate, General Mills is bringing back some of its classic cereal flavors and characters.

Because nothing says the holidays like getting nostalgic about your favorite childhood cereal.

Franken Berry, with his strawberry fingernails and a strawberry-flavored frosted cereal with marshmallows, and Boo Berry, a berry-flavored frosted cereal with marshmallows, are returning to store shelves for a limited time.

If you’re a real monster cereal fan, you may remember Frute Brute and Yummy Mummy. The two flavors are coming back to life for the first time in 20 years.

Frute Brute is a cherry-flavored frosted cereal with marshmallows, characterized by a wolf-man with a severe underbite. Yummy Mummy is an orange-cream-flavored variety, also with marshmallows.

And then, of course, there’s Count Chocula, who vants to celebrate Halloveen.

Each flavor will be available nationwide by mid-September. The cereal boxes will feature the retro packaging at Target and have a suggested retail price of $2.50 for 9.6 ounces.

What the KKK Ice Cream Cone Tells Us About Marketing

An Ocala, Florida, ice cream shop made the mistake of having an employee dress up like an ice cream cone and wave a sign around advertising their product. What’s that? That seems perfectly reasonable?

Not when the ice cream cone costume is distinctly Ku Klux Klan–y, what with the pointy white hooded top. Albeit with sprinkles. But still. Not a great marketing move.

Were we to assign this a rating for how scary a mascot it was, though, I’d only give the KKKCone mascot a 5 out of 10 scare factor. Yes, the Klan is real, and scary, and horrible, and demonstrably stupid, which kind of makes them even scarier. But (a) this costume can best be described as “vaguely Klan-esque,” and (b) it is unlikely that an actual Klan member would be standing around in uniform soliciting business for a minority-owned ice cream shop.

On that front: Let’s consider some other scary food mascot examples from the pages of recent history.

Count Chocula
Scare Factor: 3/10

Consider the vampire, all kidding aside. Endless life at the cost of your humanity, an eternal banishment from the sun, and an existence spent cannibalistically sucking blood from helpless victims. Woo. Totally made up, but still pretty scary.

And then there’s Count Chocula. You just never think about the dark side of vampirism when you hear about Count Chocula. Mostly he’s just into chocolate-flavored breakfast cereals, and he kind of looks like a harmless eccentric. Capacity to deliver scares in theory, sure. Scares delivered, not so much. Honestly, Boo Berry is scarier, because you worry about the tragic death that created him in the first place. Did it involve blueberries? I give Boo Berry 4 out of 10.

Ronald McDonald
Scare Factor: 7/10

Clowns, man. Clowns clock in at a natural 9 or 10. They’re so disconnected from contemporary humor and/or culture that they’re just these horrifying, weird, corny-yet-threatening walking anachronisms. Everybody and their mother has written and/or filmed clown-based horror stories, and coulrophobia is pretty much as common as the fear of death itself.

That said: Ronald McDonald tones it down a bit. He’s much better written than most clowns, clocking in with a soothing late-era Peanuts-level banter. And he’s got a clear motive: Sell them burgers. Knowing that he’s a mere commercial shill takes some of the scariness away.

Some, but not all. Still unnerving. Still wouldn’t unlock the screen door if he rang the front doorbell.

The Burger King King
Scare Factor: 10/10

The thankfully discontinued Burger King King was designed to haunt our dreams. Playing on the well-known and hypereffective “Uncanny Valley” theory of terror (that which looks almost lifelike is the scariest of all), the waxen features of the Burger King King suggest possession, death, violence, and the pitiless gaze of a brutal automaton in search of human souls. And this was the idea! This was the marketing scheme! Edginess: obtained. Effectively selling hamburgers: not so much.

If there’s a scarier food mascot out there than the Burger King King, post it in the comments. He’s hard to top.


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