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Cake dessert with scalded dough and Nutella

Cake dessert with scalded dough and Nutella

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Put the yeast in a bowl with a teaspoon of sugar, mix with 3 tablespoons of milk and leave to rise in a warm place.

Sift the flour into a kneading bowl.

The yolks (I put them cold directly from the fridge) are mixed with a teaspoon of salt.

Boil the milk with the sugar until it melts, turn off the heat, add the lemon peel, orange peel, vanilla and rum essence.

Pour slowly over the yolks, quickly stirring a little of the hot, boiling milk.

Everything (boiled milk plus yolks) is poured hot over the flour and mixed with a spatula or spoon. Add orange and lemon juice.

At the end, put the leavened yeast.

Mix everything and start kneading.

Add 50 gr. hot melted butter and knead, then 100 ml of hot oil (be careful with your hands), until incorporated mix with a spatula, then when you have perfectly incorporated the oil, add the butter to be still hot (even hot) and melted, knead until blends perfectly into the dough.

So everything is done hot and you will see how the dough grows under your hand while you knead it.

Let the dough rise in a warm place (an hour, a half or even two hours).

Meanwhile, beat the egg whites with a spoonful of sugar until they become a meringue, then incorporate what you want in it, nutella or walnut, rum, vanilla, etc. With this paste you will fill the dough sheets.

When the dough has risen enough, with your hands greased with oil, divide it into two equal pieces. Each piece is divided once more into two pieces (two pieces you will knit for a cake).

Grease the work surface with oil, I used a sheet of baking parchment, well greased with oil, and put each piece, spread it well by hand in a rectangle and place the filling on the entire surface, here I must tell you that every time I exaggerate and overdo it, but I'm not sorry and I don't mind if it comes out, because I like well-filled cakes.

I braided the two filled pieces directly on the baking sheet and transferred them completely into the form.

I did the same for the second cake and left them in a warm place for another half hour, then I greased them with yolk mixed with warm milk and baked them for an hour at 180 degrees.

The cozonacs are removed and left to cool on the grills and only after that they are sliced.

I think you already know that those who crave hot cakes break pieces by hand! :))))


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