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What We’re Loving: AVA Lounge’s Dream Pops

What We’re Loving: AVA Lounge’s Dream Pops

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Take a cue from the Manhattan lounge and make these pops a summer treat at your bash

When it comes to entertaining, no matter the season or occasion, it’s fun to get a little whimsical in your hosting ideas. Whether that means creating an outrageous dessert bar or pushing guests to explore different flavors or creating cocktails that push the boundaries, we’re all for it.

A cocktail trend that popped up at weddings and events last summer is moving a bit mainstream and has been picked up by AVA Lounge, a rooftop restaurant located atop Manhattan’s Dream Hotel. It’s called the Dream Pop.

A unique twist on your average summer cocktail, Dream Pops combine the refreshing flavors of ice pops and a crisp glass of white wine, champagne, or prosecco.

These frozen alcoholic ice pops are deliciously refreshing for the sizzling summer months, containing a variety of fruit juices, fresh berries, and white wine. Head over to AVA Lounge to try it for yourself — or make them at home with this great recipe!

17 Monochromatic Living Rooms That Are Anything But Boring

We’ve gone through most of our lives believing that more color is better when it comes to decorating. And while that might be true with some spaces, we can’t help but think that a monochromatic color palette can be inextricably chic in its own right — especially in living rooms. Just think: a crisp all-white room that's clean without even trying too hard or a gray parlor that exudes style from floor to ceiling.

And it's not just white or gray monochromatic color schemes that we're loving on: it's the all-over reds, blues and unexpected pinks that brighten up a room and transform the space into something entirely new.

In pursuit of the best monochromatic living room inspiration, we searched Instagram high and low. Below, we rounded up 17 of our favorite spaces that are convincing us to color coordinate our homes ASAP.

The Definitive Ranking Of Jelly Bean Flavors

From best-of lists to 'wouldn't touch it with a ten-foot pole' round-ups, lots of people have strong feelings about which candies are binge-worthy, and which are not. Jelly Beans, in particular, tend to be pretty divisive among the ranks of the candy crazed. Thankfully, we did the legwork for you. Here's your definitive guide to the best jelly beans out there.

These are a little on the boring side, but heck, there's something to be said for old reliable.

Fireball fans probably grew up loving this sizzling flavor, which has just the right amount of kick.

Tastes just like the cold, frothy brews you kick back in the summertime. Cheers!

The black horse of the competition, Juicy Pear is a fan favorite across the country &mdash probably thanks to its curiously mild (but addictive) flavor.

Tutti Frutti's flavor is hard to pin down. Personally, I think it's best described as a fruit punch snow cone with gummy bears tossed in. Mmmmmmm.

Save yourself the calories of a slathered stack of hot cakes and pop a few jellies instead! They taste just like the real thing.

The OG of unique Jelly Belly flavors, Root Beer was one of the first Jelly Belly flavors introduced to the world. Bust out this bean whenever you want a taste of nostalgia.

Perfect for people who love the taste of bubblegum but hate the idea of chewing the same piece of food for 30 minutes.

This is as close as we will ever get to popping a pack of Bertie Bott's Every-Flavor Beans on our way to Hogwarts. It's not the flavor we're into it's living the Gryffindor-robed dream.

Cute! Fun! Delicious! What more could you want from a jelly bean? The ultra sweetness of these beans means you only need a few to curb a sugar craving . which means they're basically diet food (right? Uh, right.).

A classic flavor, the watermelon beans are sweet with just the right amount of tang. Pretty much a backyard picnic in your mouth.

I want to know why this flavor isn't higher on more lists. Are we in a flavor rut? Are we afraid of trying new things? Toasted Marshmallow is where it's at, end of story, period.

Creamy, fizzy, and vanilla-y, these beans will take you back to childhood.

One of the original Jelly Belly releases, black licorice has been at the top of fans' lists since 1976.

There's hard evidence that green apple fans are a loyal bunch. From Caramel Apple Pops to Green Apple Jolly Ranchers, the green apple flavor consistently ranks toward the top of best-of lists, and jellies are no exception.

Buttered popcorn is the favored flavor of at least seven states across the US, according to this study. It's a godsend for braces-wearing, popcorn-loving people (finally: a safe way to enjoy your favorite snack!), and is by far one of the most unique jelly bean flavors around. Pop a few to get a taste of Jelly Belly's finest.

60 Landscaping Ideas to Steal for a Magical Outdoor Space

Thoughtful landscape design is the key to creating an outdoor oasis, whether you have a tiny courtyard in an urban area or a sprawling estate in the country. To help you transform your own patios, yards, gardens, and more, we rounded up 60 landscaping ideas and examples that truly make the most of their natural surroundings. So without further ado, allow these outdoor beauties to pave the way to better landscape design.

🏡Want more beautiful homes. We've got plenty. Let's swoon over them together.

A lawn isn't the only landscape design that'll brighten up your front yard. Madeline Stuart gives this SoCal home by architects Wallace Neff and John Byers a sense of place with agave plants flanking the entrance and blooming bougainvillea spilling over the wall.

If you have an outdoor shower, create a natural illusion of privacy with a wall of florals (or plants that don&rsquot mind moisture). Flowering shrubs like the hydrangeas in this backyard by landscape designer Ed Hollander can act like a living shower wall (and tend to be cheaper), plus they enhance the air of romance in already romantic setting. Be sure to prune branches so warm sunlight can pour in.

This backyard in a home by Amir Khandwala has it all: A lush lawn, a swimming pool and adjacent lounge area, and an outdoor dining room under a pergola. Low hedges are a great visual signifier, allowing you to keep each activity zone separate.

Allow greenery to grow between stone tiles on a terrace for a lush, overgrown topical vacation vibe. Akin Atelier hung string lights overhead and added large potted plants for even more magic in this indoor/outdoor haven.

Landscape designer Lisa Bynon turned her vegetable garden in Southampton, New York, into a dreamy outdoor dining area complete with a 10-foot-long table and a cedar deer fence.

This small backyard in designer Fitz Pullin's Jacksonville, Florida, home was destined for majestic greatness despite its modest size, thanks to the dramatic tree and climbing vines.

If you live in a bustling neighborhood with minimal outdoor space but have access to a rooftop, take a cue from this Venice Beach loft. A wooden cover will create a gorgeous dappled light effect and woven pendants give the space vacation vibes.

Limiting yourself to one type of flower saves on yard work in the long run. For a client who really loves roses, Edmund Hollander planted some 250 English grandifloras. It doesn't get more romantic than this.

Just looking at this Richard Beard home makes us feel like we meditated for a full day. A raised patio and lower level garden make this a multi-purpose oasis, not to mention, the various levels also create great visual interest.

A living archway frames the pathway to Rebecca Vizard's vegetable garden. A post office in Seaside, Florida, inspired the design of the petite shed.

There's nothing like a modern fountain to set the scene in a courtyard. It gives this sitting area by Jean Liu a calming atmosphere and also helps fill the other side of the pathway.

A garden with a plan provides both beauty and elegance, says landscape architect Edmund Hollander. Here, a straight run of bluestone pavers reinforces property lines, and lavender borders focus the eye.

Chloe Warner kept a California home's landscaping simple: "We did nothing more than set up areas for dining and entertaining." A Galanter & Jones heated love seat by the door entices party guests "to spill out onto the patio on cool evenings."

Privacy creates a sense of place, says Hollander. Here, rows of hydrangeas and white-flowered salvias buffer noise and highlight an enchanting fountain.

These New Plant-Based Ice Pops Are in a Class of Their Own

It's the early morning, it's summer and you're about to have a polyhedron Lego made of plant-based ice cream that you feel fine about eating for breakfast. This is not a lucid dream: It's just a Dream Pop.

The L.A.-based company turns superfoods into plant-based super treats, with flavors like coconut latte, vanilla matcha and mango rosemary. They've been stealing the hearts of West Coasters, dessert-loving celebrities and brands like Beats by Dre, Toms and Google. And now, on July 15 (just in time for National Ice Cream Day), the guys behind Dream Pops are rolling out nationwide shipping.

Your order will show up on your doorstep in 48 hours, still just as cold as when it left sunny California, thanks to special (and environmentally friendly) packaging. Plus, two new flavors are joining the already-deep lineup: Sky Blue Vanilla, flavored with ashwagandha and spirulina, and a passion fruit-jackfruit mash-up.

Dream Pops are the result of a former investment banker, a brand-building mastermind and a genius food scientist, all of whom are named David. (They're the three D 's cue joke about how this plays right into the unique 3-D-printed mold that gives Dream Pops their trademark shape.)

All are plant-based, less than 100 calories and sweetened with coconut blossom sugar. Their dreamy taste would otherwise belie these health-forward buzzwords, but this no-cream ice cream would have even the most die-hard Mister Softee fan fooled: happy summer, indeed.

By Maddie Ehrenreich | May 14, 2021

Heather’s Pick #1 You don’t need me to tell you that this year has been rough. That’s obvious. An understatement, actually. And since the pandemic is still raging, there’s no question the holidays will be challenging, with many of us opting to cancel annual gatherings to prevent further spread of this contagious disease. That’s why I can’t imagine a more fitting gift than Beth Kempton’s timely mindfulness guide to a stress-free holiday season, CALM CHRISTMAS AND A HAPPY NEW YEAR. Finding new, creative ways to celebrate and live in the moment will be more important than ever this year, and this book can help inspire us to do exactly that.

|+| Add to Your Shelf

A delightful guide to a stress-free holiday season filled with mindfulness, joy, self-care, and festive magic.

What if the month of December were soothing instead of stressful? Now you can celebrate a new kind of holiday season—one where you radiate calm and cultivate delight. Calm Christmas and a Happy New Year leads you out of the darkness of winter and back to the enchantment of an authentic and attainable Christmas season filled with merry gatherings, thoughtful gift-giving, and meaningful observations of annual traditions.

Covering the time period from late November to early January, this joyful guide embraces all the festive holiday build-up and then welcomes the new year in a holistic, nurturing way. Author Beth Kempton gently encourages you to prioritize your holiday hopes and take a slower, more mindful approach to your celebrations. Kempton also offers helpful suggestions for making the most of winter, and recommends using this quiet time to dream new dreams, set goals, and aspire toward a beautiful year ahead.

Filled with personal stories, tips, and advice for staying calm and connecting with others, Calm Christmas and a Happy New Year provides a cozy retreat from the pressure of striving for perfection. Instead of starting the New Year exhausted, in debt, and filled with regret, you will rejoice in the memories of the season feeling rested, rejuvenated, inspired, and calm.

Get Your Starbucks Fix at Home With One of These 21 Copycat Recipes

We’re not ashamed to admit it. We are totally addicted to Starbucks &mdash but with the news that several cafes are closing due to the COVID-19 pandemic, we’re all wondering what we will do if we aren’t able to get our daily Starbucks fix. Now, when I say Starbucks is closing their cafes, that doesn’t mean Starbucks will be completely unavailable because delivery and drive-thru will still be open, but you won’t be able to step inside and enjoy your coffee in one of Starbucks’ cafes.

The good news? These dupes will save us like a million dollars a year. OK, maybe not a million dollars &mdash but if we estimate our Starbucks spending at around five bucks a day, five days a week, that’s $1,200 a year. So sit back, try to relax (I know, it’s hard right now) and check out these 21 Starbucks recipes you can recreate at home.

1. Vanilla bean scones recipe

A cult favorite, these copycat Cranberry Bliss Bars are layers of tart cranberries and sweet vanilla icing. One of our favorites!

12. Strawberries and Crème Frappuccino recipe

Perfect for when berries are in season, this copycat Strawberries and Crème Frappuccino is a summer staple.

13. Copycat Starbucks black bean quinoa wrap recipe

Looking for a quick lunch that’s both flavorful and hearty? Make a black bean quinoa wrap, and call it a day.

14. Eggnog latte recipe

Nothing more seasonal than eggnog, like in this eggnog latte.

15. Green Tea Frappuccino recipe

The great thing about this copycat Green Tea Frappuccino is you can use either regular or decaf green tea, depending on the time of day.

16. Copycat Starbucks lemon loaf recipe

Bright and citrusy, this lemon loaf pairs perfectly with coffee, as citrus fruit and caffeine go hand in hand.

17. Marshmallow Dream Bars recipe

Nothing like these gooey, chewy copycat Marshmallow Dream Bars!

18. Copycat Starbucks pumpkin cream cheese muffin recipe

Take one bite of this copycat Starbucks pumpkin cream cheese muffin, and you’ll be in pumpkin heaven.

19. Copycat Starbucks gingerbread biscotti recipe

The perfect treat to dip into your coffee drinks, these copycat Starbucks gingerbread biscotti have just the right amount of spice and icing on top.

20. Frozen caramel macchiato recipe

Sip on this frozen caramel macchiato before the snow starts to fall (might be too late for some of us!).

21. Vanilla bean frappé recipe

Make sure to use a real vanilla bean in this vanilla bean frappé if you can &mdash it makes all the difference!

A version of this story was originally published November 2014.

How to Keep Ice Cream Frozen at an Outdoor Party

Ice cream is a perfect menu item for summer entertaining, learn how to keep it ice cold while serving it outside.

Related To:

There's nothing better on a hot summer day than a frozen treat, but I've always found it impossible to keep things frozen when we're outside on a hot, Southern summer day. That is until last summer. My husband was determined to find a solution that would keep ice cream frozen in the 80°+ heat for several hours for an upcoming party, and he found the perfect fix.

First, he gathered a few supplies from around the house. In this case, we were able to use a large galvanized steel tub, several blankets and clothespins. We chose a shady spot on the porch mainly to keep bugs out of the ice cream, but I'm sure the shade helped the tub stay cooler, too.

Next, he wrapped two blankets around the galvanized tub and attached them with clothespins. This insulated the tub which would help keep the temperature consistent inside. He put the other blanket underneath to protect our table from condensation.

Then, he went to the store. I had no idea most grocery stores sell dry ice! If you have trouble finding it, just ask someone. He bought four pieces of dry ice and placed them around the perimeter of the galvanized tub using tongs. You can also use an oven mitt.(WARNING: Do not touch the dry ice with your bare hands!) This kept the interior of the tub around 26°F even after everything was placed inside – just right for the ice cream! I'm happy to report that our ice cream stayed frozen for the duration of our five-hour party, and made it so easy to clean up.

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Originally posted 2009. UPDATED AUGUST 2020. We spiffed up this post with more info and better pictures! No changes to the original recipe.

Designed with every member of the household in mind, a Paradise Valley abode offers an easy-going grace.

By Shannon Severson | Photography by Kevin Brost

For most homeowners, a house is more than four walls and a roof. It’s a haven from the tumult of the world outside and, as such, should reflect the personalities of its residents. For Gary and Ashley Gregg, the process of renovating their newly purchased Santa Barbara-style dwelling became a family affair, one that involved their three daughters and resulted in a stylish yet comfortable retreat that reflects the vivacious nature of the people it shelters.

“Timeless is a great word for the look,” Ashley says. “Gary likes sleek and modern, but he didn’t want it to be too up-to-the-minute. We aren’t trendy.” Because the house is large—8,441 square feet with six bedrooms and eight-and-a-half baths—it could easily become too opulent, so the Greggs were resolved that the overall feel be inviting and comfortable.

Interior designers Lori Clarke and Summer Kraut mixed masculine and feminine, modern and vintage into a story told through color, texture and pattern. “When the Greggs reached out to us, we started with a conversation about their lifestyle, their daughters and what was important to them,” Clarke explains. “The family does a lot of traveling, and Gary is a talented photographer. They love collecting and displaying items from their trips.” The designers devised a theme they refer to as “raw, refined and spirited” for the home’s aesthetic. “It really captures the entire family,” Clarke notes.

A major inspiration for the overall look and feel of the home was Pablo Picasso’s “War and Peace,” a continuous line drawing of a woman wearing a garland on her head, an image that Clarke says embodies Ashley’s “elegance and a bit of wildness.” A print of the sketch is displayed prominently at the end of a hallway that leads to the home gym and Gary’s office.

The design plan centered on three distinct types of spaces: gathering, family and private. The formal rooms and Gary’s office trend toward contemporary, while rustic and organic touches add unexpected delights throughout. A quiet, tonal color palette accented by pops of bold hues highlights, rather than competes with, the already rich textures of stone and wood. “Our last home had a pretty monochromatic scheme, and this time we added color,” Ashley comments.

The couple’s daughters were also included in every email and decision during the renovation process. They perused samples and attended walk-throughs. “It was fun to watch them grow in confidence in their design abilities. They would show us colors that they liked and share ideas,” Ashley says. “To have the girls and their dad collaborate on their vision was fantastic. It was cool to see the artistic connection we all have.”

Clarke comments, “The entire project was the Greggs’ vision we just ran it through our filter. Every room is different, but each is special and means something. There is a story behind everything.”

“Every room is different, but each is special and means something. There is a story behind everything.”

—Lori Clarke, interior designer

In the formal living room, a large stone Buddha head is situated so that it is the first thing Ashley sees when she leaves her bedroom in the morning, a reminder of many treasured trips to India. Its rough, imperfect quality balances out the tailored white chairs and straight lines and shimmer of the crushed pearl-toned coffee table.

Navy-hued walls with deep gray undertones add energy to the traditional living and dining rooms, while linear chandeliers balance the arched doorways and niche. The cabinetry, painted in a soothing white tint so as not to demand attention, complements and contrasts with the home’s original dark-stained oak floors and coffered ceilings. Greenery in the form of succulents, orchids, sprays of pampas grass and protea wreaths lend a soft, natural feel here and throughout the house.

The once dark and heavy Tuscan-inspired kitchen and family room were updated with a bright, clean appearance. “We did simple cosmetic things in the kitchen to keep the integrity and the look of the home consistent,” Kraut notes. “We changed out the hood but kept the original moldings. A new backsplash was added to bring out the warm tones in the room, and we added fresh paint and hardware.”

In the family room, an ornate stone fireplace was replaced with a sleek, stucco version that gently curves toward the ceiling. The custom wood mantle was stained to match the room’s existing beams. Creamy white walls and comfy, flexible seating invites casual entertaining or family relaxation. Another favorite hangout is the cozy theater room, where the girls and Gary especially like to have film marathons. “With the recent spread of COVID-19, they’ve really enjoyed making use of the captive time for movie watching,” Ashley notes. “The room is also a prime spot for Sunday afternoon naps.”

For privacy, Ashley and Gary retire to their master suite. “It is my favorite space in the house,” Ashley exclaims. “It has such a great energy, and when we’re there, we feel as though we’re in a high-end hotel.” Entry to the room is through a vestibule featuring floating shelves arranged with treasures from abroad. It opens to a fireside seating area that boasts a striking painting of a nude by London-based artist Francisco Jose Jimenez and a pair of settees for reading or meditation.

The bedroom is warm and intimate, with custom colors that gradually dilute from each layer of the tray ceiling, to the chocolate tone reflected in the draperies, to a soft taupe color on the walls, tufted headboard and bed linens. A pair of crystal chandeliers that flank the bed are reflected in matching mirrors above the night stands, adding an undertone of glam to the calm, neutral setting.

Watch the video: Types of Couples on Vacation. 16 Funny and Awkward Moments (June 2022).


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